Grease and H2S Equipment

The equipment offered by U.S. Wastewater Tools offers scientifically engineered methods that permanently eliminate grease, H2S, chemicals, residual pharmaceutical waste and more. The technology is built upon basic biology and simple steps that solve each problem comprehensively.


1.)  Stimulating existing bacteria with the correct vitamins and conditioners will effectively transform gravity lines into something similar to a living digestive tract. The ability to feed them from a strategic upstream location will increase the population and metabolism. This increased metabolism allows them to absorb more of their natural diet at a faster rate of uptake.

2.)  Further assistance comes in the form of aeration and a calculated amount of turbulence at the pump station or well. This helps break down the solids and molecules so they can be absorbed by the healthy bacteria.

3.)  The H2S released by the aeration is then vacuumed out and neutralized by a system designed specifically for that purpose.

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Shown Above: An upstream manhole with a Stream Torpedo (RDU-100) precision feed system.
Shown above: Two important elements of the Eliminator system. Aeration and gas evacuation.
Shown above: The Mulch Chamber filter system which neutralizes the H2S coming from the well.
Shown above: Bushel bags of mulch infused with Iron Oxide which attracts and bonds H2S.