The Mark 1 is a basic simplex or duplex heavy duty panel that is ideal for applications where tight budgets and reliable function are the primary considerations. This panel is made for long life and basic every day operation.
The Mark 2 is a heavy duty panel with an inner door, pilot lights, and door mounted H-O-A switches. This makes the addition of elapsed time meters & other mounted lights and accessories more affordable.
The Mark 3 is a heavy duty panel that is equipped with (NEMA) rated extra-long-life starters along with an inner door for accessory additions. For specialty applications that are serious about sticking to the basics, this is the best panel for the job and it will serve the life of the application.
Station Boss II is the ultimate in advanced pump control. This is an evolutionary, yet simple control system that links up with a VFD and functions as its interactive program manager. It makes instantaneous adjustments to the control program in the VFD which in turn, accommodates; pressure fluctuations in the force main, other pumps on the line and dynamic head variance. These communicative adjustments are based on a combination of feedback and predetermined equations that modify the power being sent to the pump. By automatically adjusting and trimming the power, the pump always operates at its best efficiency and compensates for anomalies.