Bacterial Stimulation

Using new technologies to increase the metabolism of sewage bacteria. 

Grease and odor issues can cause many long term problems and many of the old methods and solutions are sometimes worse than the problem itself. We want to inform you about a natural alternative to chemicals, vacuum trucks, and jet rod cleaning. 
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Treatment Plants - Pump Stations - Corrosion - Odor - Grease - Remote Aeration
Treatment Plants

Replacing that old corroded plant can seem like a difficult ordeal. Thankfully, BESCO has decades of experience designing, building, operating, working with environmental standards, approvals, and the various issues that go along with getting it done. 

Remote Stimulation
Biostimulation requires an ability to feed a scientific amount of stimulant at the correct location. The stream Torpedo (RDU-100) is the tool for the job. It's built for life and only requires a quick refill.
Pump Stations

Our designs can be simple or complex based on what the conditions are. That’s why it’s important to have experience in your corner. Many of our features are long term favorites of customers who appreciate longevity, reliability and service. 


The Eliminator III is a comprehensive system that permanently eliminates grease and H2S from any pump station, influent station, or holding tank.